Welcome to the KNX ETS5 eCampus

The KNX ETS5 eCampus is a web based training that helps you to get started with the basic concepts of the KNX bus, even if you are not familiar with this technology so far. Moreover, you will learn how to setup and work with the brand new ETS5.

ETS5 eCampus Features

  • Three chapters (ETS Basics, Setup ETS5 and Working with ETS5) with "step by step" learning lessons
  • Video training
  • Complete "step by step" simulation of the original ETS5
  • Overall Learning Status that increases with every single lesson you complete
  • ETS5 eCampus Confirmation - a minimum learning status of 85% is required
  • Upon successful completion you receive a voucher valid on an ETS Lite license and a voucher valid on the update price from ETS Lite to ETS Professional

Register in MyKNX to start with KNX ETS eCampus

All ETS eCampus users must register first in our MyKNX.

With your MyKNX account you can easily login to your online training, as well as other online training sessions, manage your licenses and become a KNX certified professional. All benefits are only a few clicks away!

Upon successful completion and also answering our short survey via your MyKNX account, you will receive a voucher valid on an ETS5 Lite license and a voucher valid on the upgrade price from ETS Lite to either ETS Home or ETS Professional.